The Good News on Steroids!

It's more than just a show. It's an intentional encounter with Christ!

An Authentic Proclamation of the Gospels for the 21st Century!

2000 years ago, on the day of Pentecost, the Apostles went out into the streets to proclaim the Kerygma, the Good News, to the people. There were 3000 people who responded to Peter's preaching (Acts 2:41).

Wow! The day of Pentecost is incredibly important to Christians because it's the start of the church, but most Christians don't celebrate Pentecost or even know about its significance.

TCTL is here to change that...​

The Cross and the Light is very different than most Passion Plays or musicals like Godspell or Jesus Christ Superstar. Besides being a theologically approved, proclamation of the Gospels that "sticks to the reverential source material like skin on bone," we don't end the show with Jesus' death. Our finale takes place on the day of Pentecost.

During the finale of every performance, the man who plays the role of "Peter" proclaims the Good News to thousands of audience members, and their lives are literally transformed before our eyes.

Every show is a miracle waiting to happen!

But let's back up for a minute and answer the question: "What is the Kerygma?"

The Kerygma refers to the initial and essential proclamation of the gospel message. The word appears nine times in the New Testament: once in Matthew (12:41), once in Mark (16:20), once in Luke (11:32), and six times in the letters of St. Paul (Rom. 16:25; 1 Cor. 1:21, 2:4, 15:14; 2 Tim. 4:17; and Titus 1:3). To put it simply, the kerygma is the very heart of the gospel, the core message of the Christian faith that all believers are call to proclaim.

The Cross and the Light is an authentic proclamation of the Good News for the 21st Century. It is powerful evangelism and modern musical theater combined into an immersive faith experience that emotionally engages people into the story of who Jesus is, what He did for us, and how He calls us to live! The people in the pews are no longer audience members, they become participants in the greatest love story of all time!

For those of us who have experienced TCTL, the presence of the Holy Spirit is especially intense in the last moments of the show. 

After the standing ovation, the man who plays the role of "Jesus" asks the audience to sit for one last song. While the cast is singing, the audience is asked to make a decision, to repent, and accept the love of God offered to us in Jesus Christ. This call is by far the most powerful moment in the show for everyone involved...including our cast and crew! You can literally feel the movement of the Holy Spirit like a wave over the people. And hear people crying from every part of the church.

Words fall short of describing this moment of grace.

After the cast leaves the altar area, an announcement is made encouraging people to go to confession. The doors of the confessionals fly open and the lines are incredible!


Our Customer Experience Research Study in 2015 reported that 89% of people were emotionally moved during the event.

This number is critical because people who are emotionally moved tend to act! 

That is why we make a point of asking people to make a decision, to repent and accept the love of God offered to us in Jesus Christ. This "ask" is a vital part of the kerygma.

Peter didn't say to the people on the day of Pentecost, "Now that I've told you about Jesus, go home and think about it!"

No. He asked people to make a decision!

And we continue that tradition after every performance.


In addition to providing confession after the show, we also ask all Host Churches to provide trained prayer teams to be available after the show to pray with people and connect them with the life of the church and the community. We cannot stress the importance of this moment enough!

NOTE: We ask every Host Church to provide a minimum of two priests after each performance.

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Bishop Felipe EstevezBishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine, FL

The Cross and the Light is the essence of the New Evangelization. It is Pope Francis' Joy of the Gospels!

Val ClarkChannel 7 News Reporter, Detroit MI

They're taking the Stations of the Cross off the walls of the church and into the hearts of the people.

Stanley Williams, Ph.DHollywood Script Consultant, Filmmaker & Author

It's absolutely the epitome of Christian media, performance, talent, and craft. This will involve you, connect you and engage you...and it's absolutely a life-changing experience. TCTL's presentation of the greatest love story of all time is perhaps the greatest presentation ever staged!

Monsignor Gary SmetankaPastor of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Host Church 2015-2016

The Cross and the Light opens the floodgates of God's mercy and can't deliver the Good News of Jesus in a more dynamic and sensational way in our present time!

The Most Reverend Archbishop VigneronArchdiocese of Detroit

This production promises to draw countless people closer to Jesus, knowing his love more clearly, understanding His sacrifice more deeply, and becoming more ready to share the Good News of His love with others.

David KileyTheater Critic,

The Cross and The Light feels very evangelizing the Good News of the gospels in a big, theatrical way....(the production is) powerful evangelism and theater combined into a unique faith experience.

Craig PohlNew Evangelization Director, Lansing Diocese

​TCTL is an awesome experience of the New Evangelization in action! They are pioneers of a whole new style of ministry in the Church.This is truly what is meant by an ENCOUNTER event!”

Monsignor Michael BugarinPastor of St. Joan of Arc

I was in AWE with the whole program. It truly is a ‘must see’ event.

Father Charles FoxArchdiocese of Detroit Priest, Former Living Faith Spiritual Director

This (production) is exactly what Saint John Paul II meant when he used the term the 'New Evangelization!

Keith MajorFormer Marketing Director, Franciscan University

​It’s so visual. This is not just a show or a tool in the New Evangelization.This is God's language and how he speaks to his people.

Teresa TomeoNationally Syndicated Catholic Talkshow Host/Author

It's Les Miserables in Jerusalem!

Al KrestaNationally Syndicated Catholic Talkshow Host/Author

The sheer magnitude of this production is unbelievable! It should be in every diocese in the country. It's that good!


Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, Detroit

St. Stephens, Tampa, FL

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Carmel IN

Our Lady Star of the Sea, MI

St. Malachy, Madison Heights, MI

St. Catherine of Siena, Orange Park FL

Music Hall Theater, Detroit MI

MYEFaith Youth Event, Saginaw MI

St. Frances of Cabrini, Allen Park, MI

St. Isidore Church, Macomb, MI

Australian Catholic Theater, Adelaide AU

St. Joseph Catholic Church, Tampa, FL

Lansing Women’s Conference, MI

St. Hugo of the Hills, Bloomfield MI

St. Pat's of Whitelake, MI