“One Heart”
 "One Heart, One Mind, One Faith" is focused on two of the most important parts of our faith: forgiveness and[...]
Why I Created TCTL
If you had told me in my twenties that at fifty-three I would be a devout Catholic mother-of-five and the[...]
We are so excited to begin our 5 week tour
GOD IS WORKING OVERTIME!     We are so blessed and excited that our "Wilde Award" nominated musical, The Cross[...]
Hosanna! He Entered anyway.
HE ENTERED ANYWAY!   “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong[...]
“The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak”
THE SPIRIT IS WILLING, BUT THE FLESH IS WEAK!  Was it fear that caused Jesus to cry out to his Father,[...]
“Jesus! Stop wasting my time.”
"Jesus, Stop Wasting My Time!" Judas is often identified as a Zealot. I’m sure you’ve heard that word, but what is[...]
Why was Jesus so angry?
SO WHY WAS JESUS SO ANGRY?  Tens of thousands of Jews came to Jerusalem each year from all over the world[...]
How does one woman do this?
HOW DOES ONE WOMAN DO THIS? Hello. My name is Diana DiRita, and I am the CFO for Nieto Productions, LLC.[...]
Crayon Drawing: a vision that changed my life.
CRAYON DRAWING I was hospitalized a few weeks ago for "coughing up blood." Talk about a scare. I knew from my[...]
Hello World!
HELLO WORLD - CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE  Hi Everyone! Glad you've found our blog. My name is Kelly Nieto, and I[...]